SMI, estate agency

Swiss company active in real estate, Swiss Mountains Investments SA is specialized in the rental of studios and apartments, located on the plains between Geneva and Montreux, as well as in the sale of mountain resorts in Valais.

Feel like home

Whether it is a furnished apartment for rent or real estate object to buy, we still have the same goal, that of providing you with accommodation in which you are well. That is why we treat each of your requests with the greatest attention.

Looking to buy

You will certainly find the home in the mountains of your dreams home. Consult us for the projects on which we work.

Looking to rent

We offer new and renovated housing, furnished with contemporary tasteful furniture and equipped with the latest audiovisual technology as well as Internet. From a very good value, the height of the monthly payment is adjusted to the length of your stay.

Rent ≤ 1 month

Rent fo ≥ 6 months

Long term rental